I joined GR in 2016 without knowing that I was joining a big family of entrepreneurs in every field of business. They are good listeners and gave me excellent service when I needed them. For my own business, it helped me towards success. I am GR.

Monique Côté

Présidente et fondatrice – Solutions de Mamie

Thank you GR international! Because GR is MY learning community, it is also my entrepreneurial support, my continuous improvement as well as references through the credibility borrowed from all. I work for my business but with the members of GR, it is much easier.

Lou Ida Gauthier

Conseillère en Sécurité Financière – Primerica

I am grateful to know GR international and to have integrated one of the new groups. From the start, I was implicated on the Board of my group. You feel welcome, the formula is flexible in GR international and permits entrepreneurs to have a place where it is possible for others to get to know you and to develop business relations that are authentic and also help propels your business at another level. I recommend everyone to go and visit a group in your area to live a great experience!

Annie Lachance

CEO de Les Huiles de Lachance – doTerra