Terms and Conditions

The following represents the terms and conditions of GR international. PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING A SERVICE, A PRODUCT OR A MEMBERSHIP of GR international. When you sign this contract of sale and/or services or if you sign up online or by phone, you acknowledge having previously read and understood the terms and conditions listed below.


  1. Business Territory and Jurisdiction
    GR international operates from its Corporate offices in Gatineau, Quebec. Individuals choosing to become members, to buy products, services or contracts do so of their own volition and are subject to any and all laws applicable in the Province of Quebec. They also recognize that the courts of the Judicial district of Gatineau in the Province of Quebec will be deemed competent to settle any legal dispute that may arise.
  2. Content of Website and its use
    It is understood that all content of the website, such as text, articles, photographs, images, video or audio, is the sole property of GR international or has been licensed for GR international. Under no condition it is allowed to copy, distribute, translate, download, display or transmit in any manner any content of the website without the express consent of GR international or the author. It is allowed to display or download content from the site for personal, non-commercial usage in as long as no modifications are made to content and intellectual property is respected and displayed. GR international reserves the right to remove all publications from members on the website via their profile, their GR offers, their events or testimony if deemed non-compliant or inappropriate.
  3. Logos and trademarks
    Trademarks and logos used or displayed by GR international, registered or not, are not to be utilized without express written consent of the proprietor of said trademark or logo. Nothing could be interpreted as having direct or indirect permission without express consent.
  4. Limitation of Liabilities
    Content contained in publication or documentation is as is, without implied or explicit guaranty. Subject to public order legislation to the contrary, GR international disclaims any liability and gives no warranties, including warranties on any service offered by GR international, its officers, employees, partners, representatives or agents will under no circumstances be held liable for any damages related directly or indirectly to the use of these services. Where we must submit to the services of a third party, we must apply and adhere to the rules, procedures and policies of said third party. We will not be, under any circumstances, held liable for procedures, rules and policies of a third party. GR international will never be involved in any obligations and agreements made between two members of GR, nor will we intervene in any process of mediation.
  5. Links to Other Web Sites
    Our website contains links to websites operated by other companies. It is important to specify that GR International. has no control on the content of these sites. The fact that sites may contain links does not imply any business relationship between GR international and any other company.
  6. Refund Policy
    GR international does not offer refunds or exchanges on any memberships, products or services offered to members. For such purposes and without obligation on our part, you can send a request by mail or email indicating the reason. Once received, your request will be replied to within 10 business days by email. If we agree on your request, you will receive as goodwill from our part, GR credits equivalent to 50% of the value of your current membership balance. These credits can be used at any time on GR international products and services, they can also be transferred to another person who has the GR Advantage Card. No request or demand will be addressed if received by phone.
  7. Privacy Policy
    GR international is proud to always respect the privacy of its members who may visit our site and take advantage of our products and services. Any information gathered at any time will never be sold, rented, or otherwise made available to any third party without your express consent. If ever you feel that GR international was not diligent in respecting these policies, please advise us by email at: admin@grinternational.ca . We will analyze the situation and make all reasonable efforts to remedy the situation if necessary. We will always inform you about the steps that are being taken to this effect.