I lead GR Business Networking in Ottawa and I am thrilled you stopped by,  

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Part of my role is to create opportunities via meetings and events and welcome and introduce you to like-minded people that want to: 

and then teaching and leading others to do the same.   This is a strategy for success. 

Do you have a team, community or network that supports you?

We are focused on developing long term genuine relationships so that referrals become natural and easy.

It is ALL about relationships, Know, Like & Trust, how you make people feel.    

I have over thirty years of experience and accomplishments in direct sales, customer service and the hospitality industry and proud to have built a career and skill set based on networking and the power of outreach and relationships.  

If you are:

I would like to meet you. 

If you believe: 

We need to connect.  I'd like to introduce you to the people I know in a warm and friendly atmosphere at a meeting or upcoming event in Ottawa. 

Are you a magnet for referrals? 

Are you sending the right message? 

Are you great at starting a conversation? 

These are tips to help you succeed in the wonderful world of Networking.   

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GR Business Networking stands apart with thousands of international members. We offer a range of affordable products and services giving entrepreneurs the possibility of improving their company’s image and of growing their network of contacts. Thanks to our business networking, you’ll be able to significantly increase your visibility by using current market technology.

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