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Student / Individual / NPO

CAD / USD / EUR / Year
(+ tx appl.) *

A membership for students and individuals without a business, and non-profit organizations.

GR Access

CAD / USD / EUR / année
(+ tx appl.) *

A membership for entrepreneurs who wish to have access to the GR international network.

Non-exclusive seat.

GR Access + Exclusivity

CAD / USD / EUR / Year
(+ appl. tx) *

Get an exclusive seat within one of our GR networking groups and join us on a weekly or monthly basis.

Get 50% off on a second GR Access + Exclusivity member seat $300 per additional exclusive seat


CAD / USD / EUR / 5 Years
(+ appl. tx) *

A membership for restauranteurs that offers you access to the GR international network.

Get $100 off your membership price for each of the following items that your business can offer: Private room; Wifi access; smart TV or projector: allow GR international members to promote their business by displaying information or business cards within your establishment.


CAD / year
(+ tx appl.) *

A membership that covers each owner and all of your employees within your company.

Access to presentating during GR meetings.

Add an exclusive seat within a GR group for only $200 per seat, up to a maximum of 5 seats per district per Corporate membership.

District Exclusivity

CAD / year
(+ tx appl.) *

Get an exclusive seat in every group within a complete district.

Get publicity during each meeting of every group within your district on a weekly or monthly basis.

Must be approved by GR international head office.

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